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Harter's Auto Service

Bargersville, IN



(317) 535-5918


Harter's Auto Service
5391 N State Road 135
Bargersville, IN 46106

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Harter's Auto Service

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Jennifer says:
This place is a scam. I called this shop on a Friday in hopes they could help me figure out a grinding noise in my truck. I was informed that it would cost $20-$50 for them to check it out. They said the cost was depending on how much digging they had to do to find the issue. Monday rolls around and I drop off my truck at 8:30am. All morning I was running other errands and drove by the shop on four separate occasions. My truck had not moved from the spot I parked it in. Then at 10:15 I drive by again and still truck in same spot. At 10:20 I receive a phone call from the shop saying they could not find anything wrong and my charges were $50. When I went to pick up my truck it was now turned around like they drove it next door and came back and parked it.. My truck still has something wrong with it and I paid this horrible place $50 to drive my truck for 5 minutes. Please do not be scammed by these terrible people take your vehicle somewhere that will actually do the work they are charging for.